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My Greek Fat Wraps Story
My Greek Fat Wraps Story
My Greek Fat Wraps Story


My name is Dimitrios. When I was a year old, my first word was mammy and my second was souvlaki… This often happens when someone grows up in a Greek wrapper ‘s family! After a few years I had to go through the ritual of “the art of wrapping” or “the wrapping in the air”. My hand was burning as I was holding the hot fluffy pitta bread. I was just a little kid and all my family were gathered around to watch me wrapping. Even my great grand mother was there! I pretended that I was not burning at all, I kept my breath and so I managed to wrap properly my first souvlaki! Everyone was applauding. From that moment I received the respect of the elders as a qualified wrapper-member of the family.


My name is Aspasia. I am Dimitrios’ wife and mother of 4. When I was young, I couldn’t ever manage to eat as many souvlaki as I wanted. Every Sunday, like all greek families, we had souvlaki for dinner. My parents were always going to our neighborhood ‘s souvlaki stall and were buying loads of wraps. But my older brothers were always eating all the souvlaki so fast, that nothing was left for me. I just couldn’t stand with the idea that my kids would experience the same torture. This is the main reason that I married Dimitrios. I was sure that with him my kids and I would have all the souvlaki of the world. And I was more than right. I now can enjoy many never-ending souvlaki happy dinners…


My name is Theodora. I am Dimitrios’ and Aspasia ‘s best friend and business partner. Dimitrios at first thought that I would never manage to wrap a souvlaki in my life, as I had never wrapped before. I admit that the “wrapping in the air” was quite challenging. You have to put all the ingredients in the pitta properly and with the exact same order: first put the meat, then add the melting halloumi cheese, after the tzatziki sauce, the fresh tomatoes and last but not least the red onions with parsley. How on earth could I wrap this pita that was so full? Fortunately, Dimitrios was a great teacher and very patient. So after a lot of effort and persistence I managed to prepare three greek fat wraps in the time of a minute! And believe it or not, Dimitrios is now really proud of me..

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